The Prototype

Launched at the London Coffee Festival in March 2016, festival-goers were treated to a cold drip coffee machine unlike any other they had ever seen.  Influenced by Heath Robinson and Jules Verne, the Steampunk Coffee Machine is the brainchild of artist and entrepreneur Peter Michael Charles Harris.  Producing cold drip coffee behind the wizardry, the machine is an amalgamation of art and coffee.

Professor Harris’ machine was ranked the number one innovative product by consumers and trade visitors alike.

During the festival several roasters including The Gentlemen Baristas, Union Hand Roasted and Perk & Pearl, supported the machine with free coffee for consumers to then taste for a donation. 


It didn’t just look great and produce fantastic quality cold drip coffee; the machine also raised £275 for a worthy cause, delivering clean water to coffee growing communities through Project Waterfall during the event.

Steampunk Coffee Machine - The Prototype is now in the proud hands of The Black Penny coffee shop, based in Covent Garden