We covered the stand walls in a fake brick wallpaper, covered the roof of the stand and used curtains on the front to create the speakeasy vibe finished off with a soundsystem playing cool jazz in the background

Steampunk Coffee Machine Speakeasy Gin Joint - Sponsored by Sipsmith

Professor Harris and Beanie Boy Coffee Co presented a hidden venue in a 3 x 2 show stand at Caffe Culture 2018 to demonstrate what we could do for your event.


We bought along two machines, the first was the “Lost Rivers” machine running Beanie Boy Cold Drip Coffee


The second "GinPunk" machine was created to promote Sipsmith Gin cocktails made from 34 meters of tarnish resistant copper pipe with 120 corners

forming an endless knot


Our collapsible machine plinths are covered in ox blood leather for a premium look

We had good security from this mysterious "Gin Solider" with his Gin Infusion Gun.


We used a vintage Globe with a hidden cocktail cabinet and added a frosted glass insert with LED uplighting to illuminate apothecary bottles filled with coffee and gin.